End Of Lease

When your lease/Contract car comes to the end of it’s contract, we offer a BVLA Standard appraisal on your car for it to be excepted back by the lease company without you incurring any further costs.

All the required repairs are completed in house here at Rapid Vehicle Repair.

We can provide quality end of lease repaires for your vehicle, ensuring that any damage that remains with the car when you return it is within the 'reasonable wear and tear' range.

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Rapid Vehicle Repairs is happy to work with fleets and company vehicles - whether they're on lease or in need of tidying up before sale.

We are happy to put right all dents, damage, scuffs and scrapes that occur through the everyday of business.  Accidents are going to happen - we can put them right.

We've worked professionally for a number of years with Major Manufactorers and their Fleets, offering a fixed price service that can ensure that your vehicle goes back to the Lease Company within the 'Fair, Wear and Tear' Standard.

If your branded vehicles are ready to be resold and you want to get the best market value from them, we can help. We can provide a Menu Price Services to suit all budgets.

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What makes Rapid Vehicle Repair Special?


We would rather repair than replace
Insurance repair work undertaken
Family run, friendly service
No charge for advice and estimate